Short about Redis.
Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker.

The supported data types are:

  • Lists
  • Hashes
  • Sets
  • Sorted sets
  • Bitmaps and HyperLogLogs

One of the main features of Prometheus is alerting. It’s possible to create advanced and universal alerting rules with Prometheus. In this context, universal means to have one alerting rule instead of many. Having many alerting rules is inconvenient and we need to spend a lot of time to create said alerts because not all alerting rules have the same condition or value of the threshold. So how to avoid this process?🤔

Suppose we have several hundred servers that have different resource specifications (like a number of CPU cores) and we need to write alerting rules of the system load…

Hayk Davtyan

IT Monitoring specialist at Picsart

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